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Everything you need to manage your cloud

Cloud computing is the future. But it is really hard without the right tooling.



Cloudweaver lets you fully access and leverage cloud advantages and benefits. Data+Analytics Clouds are the foundation for digital transformation. They offer unlimited computing power  and hundreds of powerful services. Managing those platforms manually is very challenging. Cloudweaver makes this power accessible and massively accelerates time to value.


Automate Tasks

Take the pain out of cloud management by automating repetitive manual tasks like tagging, patches and back-ups.

Manage Spend

Get real-time, consolidated data on cloud costs, so you can easily maintain control and achieve greater capacity savings.

Accelerate Innovation

Build tools with transparency across clouds, so you’re always compliant with industry principles and data requirements.

Improve Security

Get the patching, back-up and hardening capabilities you need to secure your infrastructure and ensure compliance.

Avoid Cloud Computing Hangover

Cost, complexity and lack of skills prevent companies from reaping all benefits from cloud computing. Cloudweaver is here to help.

Get the Top 5 Cloud Risks

Cloudweaver Architecture

Cloudweaver helps you to

  • Automate tasks
  • Dynamically provision resources
  • Enforce standards and consistency
  • Ensure security & compliance
  • Track resource consumption and costs

Keep your platform portable

Multi-Cloud Included

Manage and control multi-cloud landscapes all with Cloudweaver: it runs on all three leading public clouds, of course. But it also helps you manage resources, assets and applications on all of them and maximizes portability of your components across all of them.

Cloudweave is a fully portable layer that abstracts away platform-specific features and helps you minimize vendor lock-in and dependencies. It lets you freely select the mix/combination of leading open source components and managed cloud services.

  • Move workloads between clouds
  • Manage across clouds from one place
  • Use a platform-neutral UI
  • Keep your landscape portable
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Keep your agility and your options open

How Cloudweaver helps.


  • Define & enforce central, corporate standards
  • Ensure consistency
  • Enable Departments and Projects and still retain control
  • Choose the right level of speed, costs & portability

Project Management

  • Manage project environments & resources in a cloud-native way
  • Easy, fast on- and Offboarding (internal/external)
  • Project-Security Management
  • Track resource usage & ensure cost-efficiency

IT Infrastructure & Operations

  • Use engineering best practices for your infrastructure team
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Build, Deploy, Manager Custom/Bespoke Cloud Environments
  • Monitor operations and ensure SLAs

Data Engineering & Data Science

  • Easy, simplified access to resources and services, hide full cloud complexity
  • Self-provision, resource-consumption accountability
  • Developer-friendly governance, “auto-compliance”
  • Use cloud elasticity and run resource-intensive jobs at lowest costs
Cloudweaver Features.

How Cloudweaver puts you in control of the Cloud.

Templates & Codified Infrastructure

  • Use Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to codify your resources
  • Define central standards/best practices
  • Immediately apply CW’s standard templates or define your own custom templates
  • Mix managed services and open source

Self- & Auto-Provisioning, Automation

  • Cloud-native, -optimized resource consumption: constant, on-demand, scheduled/spot, VM/Serverless
  • Cloud Elasticity, Flexible, unlimited capacity
  • Rapid deployment for bursty/peak workloads
  • Teams self-provision resources & environments

Custom UI & “Cloud Portal”, Workplace

  • Simplify & convenience: Minimal, focussed, convenient, clear, bespoke, custom UI
  • Move from Native Cloud Portal to ControlCenter
  • Portal & Navigation/Access: organize your multi-cloud landscape
  • UI layer for your infrastructure: rich, programmable cloud interface

Usage & Cost Tracking

  • Monitor resource consumption & costs per project, user and task
  • Ensure cost- & resource-efficiency, eliminate waste
  • Exploit cloud scale effects
  • Avoid intransparent & spiraling costs

Not sure how to start? We are here to help.

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Every business is different – and so is their ideal cloud environment.

Based on your business objectives we can


  • determine the level of multi-cloud support and portability you need
  • recommend the set of processing, storage and analytics components that work best for you
  • help you determine the optimal combination of best-of-breed solutions vs. managed services

How to get your Cloudweaver Blueprint

We assess your situation and review your business objectives. The result is a custom
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